Enterprise Source Code Management.
Open Source. Secure. Unified.

Centralized control for distributed repositories.
Mercurial, Git, and Subversion under a single roof.

Unified Tools for Mercurial, Git and Subversion

Team Collaboration for Better Code Quality

  • Conduct code reviews, iterate and improve code quality
  • Discuss and manage source code changes

Workflow Automation for Faster Interaction

  • Integrate an existing code base with new tools and issue trackers
  • Automate your workflow to implement faster

Permission Management for Secure Software Development

  • Manage software assets with enterprise level permission control
  • Protect repositories, audit and report code compliance

Business Benefits That Pay for Themselves

Faster time to value

Deliver on time; on/under budget. RhodeCode enables you to code faster, test harder, reduce bugs, and apply best practices across the firm's code base.

Military-grade security

Secure your team & assets behind-the-firewall. Share the same secure platform with our customers in defense, fin-tech, & other highly secure use cases.

Increased IT ROI

Leverage your team & investments better, so you can deliver on your roadmap. Unlock value from legacy apps & teams wastefully isolated from your new, agile projects.

SVN to Git Migration

We've integrated great support for SVN. You have a no compromise path to Git, while extracting ongoing value from your SVN apps and tools for years to come.

Improved Team Collaboration

Deliver outstanding results, faster. Develop software in a collaborative environment that fosters innovation, drives projects forward, enables you to track and allocate developer resources better.

Global scale

Large scale, global development teams require secure, yet highly performant, SCM solutions. RhodeCode's mission is to exceed the requirements of these demanding global enterprises.

Repository Management That Fits Your Needs

RhodeCode On-Premise

Installable version of behind-the-firewall RhodeCode. Supports all Linux platforms.
RhodeCode CE Free and open source, supported by the community.
RhodeCode EE with additional Enterprise features and our Technical Support with SLA.

Download RhodeCode v5.0.3

Free or 30 Day Trial

RhodeCode CloudNEW

Hosted Instance of RhodeCode EE
+ All Enterprise features.
+ Dedicated hardware with SSL and SSH support.
+ Unlimited repository size.
+ Custom domain.
+ Technical Support with SLA.

Request Cloud Instance

30 Day Trial

These, and many more successful organizations all trust RhodeCode.

Unified Access for Every Source Code Interaction

RhodeCode is an open source repository management platform. It provides unified security and team collaboration across Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.

Developers get unified code review and automation with a common set of tool integrations across all repositories.

Enterprises gain much-needed centralized user permission management and access controls for all the software assets.

Unified Collaboration Across Git, Subversion, and Mercurial

Conduct code reviews across all your repositories and create common workflows tailored to your team's needs. Use smart commits to trigger approvals and comment on changesets. Share code gists and provide feedback with inline code reviews.

Unified Permission Management and Enterprise-Grade Source Code Protection

Hosted on your servers behind the firewall, RhodeCode keeps your source code secure within your business. Specify permissions and set access to sensitive information using common controls and IP-restrictions across Git, SVN, and Mercurial repositories.


RhodeCode Experience

So far, I've really enjoyed using RhodeCode Enterprise. The transition was a big change! I switched from a terrible system of creating repositories / users / permissions via a bunch of home-grown shell scripts. Having modern web interface to do these tasks means that I have more time to focus on the things that matter, like research and writing actual code.

Wenzel Jakob, Mitzuba Renderer