Build Better Software.

Secure, enterprise-grade code collaboration.

Your rules, your data center, your future.

RhodeCode Enterprise is the Git and Mercurial development environment that works the way you do— with your workflows, your permissions, on your platforms. Safely behind your firewall.


Git and Mercurial

Git and Mercurial repositories on your own servers, with the full range of developer tools and features you expect from a modern version control system. RhodeCode Enterprise lets you develop products faster using tools designed for Agile and improves code quality through increased collaboration.


Agile Management

Increased project security and permissions control along with real-time repository news feeds give managers a birds eye view on project progress and complete control over access to highly sensitive data, driving projects to come in on-time and under budget with no compromise on either productivity or security.


Business Benefits

Consolidate and future-proof your development portfolio by bringing all version control systems under one solution. This gives organizations greater visibility and control over development, and drives infrastructure costs down. See major productivity gains using modern systems and drive performance, efficiency, and quality higher.

Trusted By More Than 10,000 Organizations