We are a diverse team of software engineers and professionals from all over the world. Our platform challenges the status quo of enterprise software development. This ambitious mission is backed by some of the greatest VC firms in the world. Let's talk!

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Dmitry Konchalenkov
Senior Marketing Manager

About RhodeCode

RhodeCode, Inc. creates the most secure platform for enterprise software development. With RhodeCode, software teams are able to manage and collaborate in a secure and unified way. Founded in 2010, RhodeCode, Inc. has offices in Berlin, Germany and San Francisco, CA, USA.

RhodeCode Community Edition (CE), the free and open source foundation of the platform, allows software teams to control, manage, and protect software source code while automating collaboration activities across Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories through a single interface. Developers get to use the tools they want; companies get security, compliance, and best practices to stay safe and competitive.

RhodeCode Enterprise Edition (EE) provides an additional layer of enterprise-needed features on top of the Community Edition, such as high availability, unlimited support, and readily available integrations with enterprise systems and tools. RhodeCode EE is used by government organizations and market leaders in 80 countries to increase software development productivity and keep source code securely protected in a mission-critical, behind-the-firewall environment.

Logo and Graphic Assets

Below you will find the official logos and other graphic assets of RhodeCode. Feel free to use these materials in your publications. Integrity is an important part of RhodeCode's system architecture; we therefore ask that anyone considering use of RhodeCode's graphic assets keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • all of the graphic assets should exist only in the official colors listed on this page
  • any scaling of the logo must retain the original proportions
  • the logo, its colors, and shapes may not be modified in any way
  • additional text may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself


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RhodeCode Logo Wallpaper White
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RhodeCode Logo Wallpaper Blue