Scale development efforts according to your needs, without being bound to an existing infrastructure. RhodeCode enables firms to make a pragmatic transition to the latest industry tools while ensuring efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Multiple Repository Grouping

The unlimited nesting structure means you can put a group inside a group inside a group…
This is an essential functionality when you need to organize and structure projects. Order and arrange files, repositories, or projects in the way that works best for you.

Repository Groups

Scalable Geo Location Nodes

Multiple Nodes and Geo Locations

Having teams in offices spread across different locations creates its own set of challenges. As your organization grows, so too does your environment's demands. Through the setup of multiple RhodeCode instances, we make it possible to offload onto separate servers to maintain performance.

SVN to Git / Mercurial Migration

Moving from SVN can pose a difficult challenge, especially for large organizations where legacy systems are heavily embedded. RhodeCode can help minimize the related risks. By customizing your existing tool chain, RhodeCode can keep the same code updated in 2 separate repository types, for example in both SVN and Git repos. Thus allowing migration at your own pace with minimal disruption.

Migration from SVN

Highly Scalable Instances

RhodeCode scales with outstanding performance, allowing you to make the most out of your hardware infrastructure. It was specifically designed to be scaled both horizontally and vertically. RhodeCode gives you the scope to scale outside of single machine limitations and plan for future growth without having to worry.

RhodeCode Enterprise scaling

High Availability

High Availability

Protect your organization from system failure by running parallel instances. RhodeCode can be set up with high availability to reduce the risk of a redundant setup and guarantee that your developers won't be left twiddling their thumbs.

Performance Tuning

The are many options to tune the performance of your RhodeCode instance to a level that suits your needs. These include memory consumption, CPU usage, and cache settings. You can control how much resources are used to balance RhodeCode with your other systems.

Flexible Performance Tuning

Scalable Full Text Search

Scalable Source Code Search

Scalable Elasticsearch engine to drive our out of the box full text search for environments with very large code bases. It can handle terabytes of data and give you the peace of mind that your team can always locate and access projects and files they need, when they need them.