Git & Mercurial Support

RhodeCode allows you to benefit from the advantages of both worlds: Git and Mercurial. Pick the repository type depending on the situation and not depending on your code management tool and manage both repository types at one central point in your company.

Git & Mercurial

Easy Access Management

Repositories can be set as being "world-open" which works best for open source projects, "organization-open" for company-wide documents or "invite-only" for the most restricted access to files.


The interface in RhodeCode is shaped by three years of enterprise feedback and workflow optimizations. All changes and updates are displayed centralized to manage and keep track of code changes within the company in multiple repositories. The dashboard is the central point to track progress, monitor changes and initiate code reviews.


Online editor

Online editing is a quick and easy way to add and update files. Directly within the RhodeCode interface you can create and edit files and commit changes to the repository. Syntax highlighting is included. Fixing typos and small bugs was never easier.

online editor

Changelog & Graphlog

Keeping track of changes in a development team can be tough and time consuming. Easily track progress and updates with the built-in changelog. The additional graphical log on the left side of the changelog visualizes heads and merges in an intuitive way.

graph log

Mentioning System with @user

As part of the code review system within RhodeCode mentioning allows direct and explicit feedback to users and groups. Combined with the inline commenting, mentioning lets you pinpoint issues in the code, give advice and address development need to fix issues or enhance the code quality. In development teams mentioning is a powerful way to reduce the collaboration and communication overhead.

mentioning system

Full text search

Large scale projects quickly outgrow the boundaries and looking for patterns consumes a lot of time. Quickly search for matching results within repositories, comments, gists and files within RhodeCode and get instant access to what you are looking for.

Journal - Your Newsfeed

All information at a central point - the built-in journal helps users to create their own newsfeed within RhodeCode. Keep updated on code changes, updates and code reviews within repositories of your choice. Customize the journal by subscribing only to relevant repositories and follow recent changes easily.


Notification System

Keeping track of changes in a development team can be tough and time-consuming. Easily track collaboration with the built-in network graph and fix heads and merges on the fly. The best way to grasp overall progress is the overview of commits and contributions in the graphical log.

notification system

Large / Binary Files Support

Add videos, images and other important assets to your repository to keep them safe and sound and to collaborate on them.