Mercurial, Git & Subversion Support

RhodeCode gives you the flexibility to use one, two, or all three version control systems. Pick the repository type depending on your project, not on your code management tool. Read and write in all repository types from one central point, and see commits, forks, and changeset merges at a glance. By consolidating your tool set, you improve overall awareness and knowledge sharing and reduce the cost and time of retraining.

Mercurial, Git and Subversion Support

Easy Installation Using RhodeCode Control

Intuitive System Management

We have a slick, purpose built installer called RhodeCode Control. It is specifically designed to make installing and upgrading RhodeCode Enterprise as smooth and easy as possible. You can quickly start and stop instances to carry out maintenance and management tasks. If you are DevOps or an Admin, you'll love us. To guide you, it comes with a whole set of online docs, too.

Full Text Search

Large scale projects quickly outgrow boundaries, and looking for patterns consumes time. Quickly search for matching results in repositories, comments, gists, and files within RhodeCode and get instant access to what you are looking for.

Full Text Search

Easy Access Management

Easy Access Management

Repositories can be set as being "world-open", which works best for open source projects, "organization-open" for company-wide documents, or "invite-only" for the most restricted access to files. In addition to HTTP, we also support SSH protocol so you can send and receive data using passwordless authentication.

Online Editor

Directly within the RhodeCode Enterprise web interface , you can quickly and easily browse, create, and edit files and commit changes to the repository. Syntax highlighting along with reStructured text and Markdown previews make fixing typos and exchanging notes easy.

Online Editor

Visual Changelog and Graphlog

Visual Changelog & Graphlog

Keeping track of changes in a development team can be tough and time consuming. The graphlog and changelog displays let developers see the progress of a project at a glance, removing the need for status meetings. Easily track progress and updates with the changelog. The additional graphical log on the left side visualizes heads and merges in an intuitive way.

Large Binary File Support

Add videos, images and other important assets to your repository to keep them safe and sound. We support your large binary files for Mercurial via the large file extension and natively with SVN. There is an option for Git also, but you’ll need to contact us.

Large BInary File Support