Cloud Hosting FAQ

General Questions

What is RhodeCode?

RhodeCode is an open source platform for software development teams. It unifies and simplifies repository management for Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. It also provides a common set of source code security and team collaboration features.

What does it do?

RhodeCode is the only solution you will need to handle all of your Git, Mercurial, and SVN repositories. The platform provides unified repository management, code review, and team collaboration, alongside APIs and custom integrations.

RhodeCode is used by some of the world's largest banking groups, security firms, research and defense organizations, and game and software development companies.

Do you provide repository hosting?

Yes. Please check out hosted option from try RhodeCode page.

Why do companies have multiple version control systems?

There are numerous reasons for that:

  1. There are great new tools which quickly become a de-facto standard in the industry. The challenge is to leverage the benefits of the new tools (like Git), while continuing to extract value from legacy tools, code, and apps.
  2. Enterprises must support legacy apps and repositories for years. So, there's strong demand for management tools that enable them to manage their dev teams, legacy code, and continuously improve the reliability and performance of their legacy apps.
  3. Companies grow by acquisition. Enterprises need to manage change, as much as manage their code. A unified source code management system simplifies onboarding new teams and apps.

For large enterprises, the question isn't "why do you use multiple VCS", it's "what's the smartest way to manage your multiple VCS". And the smartest way is to have common and unified set of tools across the whole code base.

How do I secure my code repositories?

RhodeCode has a finely grained system of permission management and user control. User permissions can be set up at the team, individual, or repository level. One of the unique features of RhodeCode is that common access control can be set across all repositories within the organization.

What are these "team collaboration" features?

RhodeCode helps software development teams to iterate more quickly. It comes with powerful enterprise code review tools and automated interactions, including:

Many more features are detailed here.

RhodeCode Pricing

How is RhodeCode Enterprise Edition licensed?

RhodeCode EE requires an Enterprise License Agreement. User licenses are purchased for a one, two, or three year subscription period. The license fee includes a variety of enterprise features, premium technical support, and access to all updates and upgrades. It also provides entry to the early-access program of RhodeCode EE.

How many user licenses do I need?

RhodeCode EE is licensed for a minimum of twenty (20) seats via a one, two, or three year subscription. Multiple year purchases are subject to discounts. Added seats can be purchased at any time can optionally be made co-terminus (Payment is made only for remaining months till annual subscription date) See our pricing page for more information.

What are the payment conditions?

Payment is committed when you sign an Order for a license (one, two, or three year subscription). RhodeCode provides license keys following receipt of the Order. We invoice you when license keys are released. Payment is due within 30 days from when the Invoice is issued. RhodeCode accepts bank transfers, checks, and credit card payments. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions regarding payments.

What is included in the dedicated enterprise support?

RhodeCode EE is bundled with dedicated customer support.

Enterprise customers can contact our dedicated enterprise support team via our support portal for:

  • general help with managing and running RhodeCode EE
  • technical support for installation and upgrades
  • integration support for embedding RhodeCode within existing ecosystems (issue trackers, continuous integration, etc.)

RhodeCode EE customers get exclusive and unlimited access to:

  • our enterprise early-access program to get access to the cutting-edge enterprise features
  • product roadmap surveys to directly influence the development of RhodeCode EE
  • information about latest security vulnerabilities, critical bugfixes, and updates
  • detailed instructions about how to apply these patches, bugfixes, and updates

All support requests must include a reference to the company's name and are answered within 24 hours, either by one of our core developers or by a certified enterprise support agent. See our Support Terms here.

License Orders and Payment Process

How do I download RhodeCode EE or obtain access to updates and upgrades?

  • Licensed customers can download the current version of the RhodeCode Enterprise Edition from the customer portal at
  • The RhodeCode application does not allow us any form of remote access of any kind, nor does it communicate with us in any way. It is deployed behind the customer firewall. So, once the customer has downloaded the application, we cannot track its deployment, operating state, or configuration. In other words, our only knowledge of the state of the software is provided to us by authorized customer personnel, typically when doing troubleshooting.
  • Evaluation & trial licenses: Customers can download the EE for trial and evaluation purposes for up to 30 days (enforced by the EE application). Customers deploying EE in production should purchase a software license and obtain a license key from RhodeCode.
  • Enterprise Edition customers may download updates and new versions of the product via the RhodeCode website.

How are license orders processed? How do I obtain license keys?

  • License keys: Upon receipt of customer's signed Sales Order, RhodeCode provides a license key to the customer's designated contact, either immediately or at a mutually agreed date. The license key enables the full number of seats purchased in the Sales Order for the duration of the Subscription Period. The Subscription Period starts when the license keys are delivered.
  • Invoicing: RhodeCode's invoice for the full value of the Sales Order is issued when the license key is released to the customer. Payment and other terms are summarized in the Sales Order and the RhodeCode Enterprise Edition License agreement.
  • Please note that the RhodeCode application includes code which enforces the license seat capacity and license term. So, if a new license key is not provided, the application will cease to function at the end of the last day of the license term.

How do I add more users to my current license?

  • RhodeCode currently offers added seats in "seat-packs" of ten seats.
  • Customers may add seats so that they are co-terminus with previously licensed seats.
  • Whenever the seat count is increased, RhodeCode will provide an updated license key or an automated process for the customer to do so. In this way, the customer's running RhodeCode instance always maintains the correct licensed seat count and the correct license term information.

Discounts and Free Licenses

Are there free editions of RhodeCode?

Yes. We truly believe in the superiority of open source software. RhodeCode CE (Community Edition) is free and being developed together with the community.

Do you offer educational or non-profit discounts for RhodeCode EE?

Yes. We love to support science, education, and nonprofits. In addition to free use of our open source Community Edition, we also offer very attractive discounts for our Enterprise Edition to qualified nonprofits, including educational institutions. On this page you will find the information about discounts on RhodeCode EE for educational institutions and qualified nonprofits.