RhodeCode comes in two editions: Community and Enterprise.

Community Edition (CE) is free and open source. RhodeCode CE provides unified code reviews and source code collaboration for teams across all repositories of the organization. It also gives common security controls and user permission management for large enterprise-scale software projects.

Enterprise Edition (EE) delivers enterprise-valued features on top of the RhodeCode CE, such as premium support, integration with corporate environment and tools, multiple instance support, and high-availability features. RhodeCode EE is used to protect source code in mission-critical, secure enterprise environments.

Edition Comparison
Find out which RhodeCode fits you best

The Community Edition 4.x includes some brand new features plus all of the features of RhodeCode Release 3.8 with a few exceptions.
RhodeCode Freemium users (prior to 4.0) are eligible for a one-time upgrade discount. Contact our sales team for details.
RhodeCode Community

RhodeCode CE

Community Edition
Free and open source, without any limitations.

RhodeCode Enterprise

RhodeCode EE

Enterprise Edition
Enterprise integrations, added productivity features, and premium support.

Unified Repository Management Unified support for the latest Mercurial, Git, and Subversion.

Git, Mercurial, and Subversion


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition adds

Basic Active Directory/LDAP Use Active Directory/LDAP accounts to authenticate individual users. Advanced Active Directory Manage rights and control repository access at a group level by using Active Directory groups.
Basic User Authentication Built-in user management, token authentication. Enterprise User Authentication Authorization with Google, GitHub, BitBucket, Twitter and other type of 3rd party accounts. Advanced token authentication. Two-factor authentication. In Addition repo-scope authentication tokens are available allowing fined grained access control for tools, or 3rd party vendors.
- SAML 2.0 Auth with 2FA and SSO Authorization with OneLogin, DuoSecurity, Google SAML, or generic 3rd party SAML. Manage all your user SSO, 2FA under one application, and add the best enterprise 2FA authentication available.
Permission Management System Fine-grained access control at the repository, team, or individual level.
- Branch Permissions Protect sensitive branches by pattern from modification or force push. Set branches to be merged only via our code-review tool after approval.
User access logging, enterprise grade audit-logs, activity summary reports.
Always running the latest and most secure VCS. Updates and patches for known critical vulnerabilities in Mercurial, Git & SVN are shipped together with our packages, and are released within hours of public announced. Old operating systems still use latest version of SVN, Git or Mercurial even if there aren't distribution packages available because of our sandboxed installer that comes with it's own packages.
Breakthrough prevention Automated repository rules and notifications.


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition adds

Full-text code search (Whoosh) Unified source code, commit, file search, across all repositories. Sufficient for smaller amount of data. Advanced full-text code search (Elasticsearch 6.X) Scalable and high-performance code search for large amount of data stored in 10 000s of repositories handling multiple TBs of data. Advanced query language allows custom filters, and exclusions.
Unified code review Pull requests, reviews & inline code comments across Mercurial, Git and SVN. Code chat for instant code reviews On-the-spot source code live-chat for better collaboration and feedback across all repositories.
Basic integrations Basic integrations including Web-hooks, Email, Slack, Hipchat. Advanced integrations Advanced integrations including Jenkins, Redmine, Jira. Automatic code-review reviewers, based on code analysis.
- Code Review Rules Define who should review the code, based on advanced rules. Force reviewers, pick from groups, or let our system pick one based on last author of modified code, or file extension. Additionally add observers for pull request for users who don't need to review but have to be aware about certain changes.
- Automated workflows Integrate automation tools with authentication tokens for Mercurial/Git, SVN.
- Automated Tasks Builtin Scheduled allows automatic bi-directional repository syncing. Creating geo-nodes, or simply push certain repositories to 3rd party vendor automatically.
- Unlimited scalability Multiple instances/Geo-nodes to scale software development efforts.
- High availability Parallel running instances for maximum fault tolerance.
Web interface with online file editor and team tools Quick in-browser commits and file edits for faster collaboration.
Repository migration from SVN to Git/Mercurial at your own pace Synchronized repositories for uninterrupted access to source code.
Large file support for Mercurial and Git Storing rich media and handling large files without slowing the repository. Store 100TB of data in SVN without compromising speed.


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition adds

Built-in Error tracker With built-in basic error tracker never miss any problems with your running instances. Devops/SysOps can easily check reported user problems without need to check system logs or resources.
Community Support Discuss platform development and get support from the open source community. Premium Support Get premium technical support from the team of RhodeCode creators.