Top-notch team collaboration, workflow automation, and unified code reviews for Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Integrate your best-performing tools, iterate faster, and get better code quality with less routine.

Inline Comments and TODO notes

Inline or commit code commenting offers precise and detailed feedback on any line. Features like live-notifications for left comments and commenting on side-by-side diffs let you keep track of each change easily. Different types of comments allows leaving regular notes, or TODO tasks for which authors of commented code needs to resolve.

CodeReview inline comments

RhodeCode Live Chat on Code

Live chat in code context

RhodeCode Offers live code chat. It's the most efficient way to discuss complex code changes. Invite others to discussion, open inline on-demand chats or simply discuss with others on main chat inside a pull request or commit view. The ultimate collaboration tool with the context of discussion available right where the discussion happens.

RhodeCode Gists

Create quick snippets and share it across your organization. An easy to use secure note sharing with features such as Gist access permissions, expiration time allows to share important things with easy. Full control with API allows integration with other system. Sharing small snippets haven't been easier then before.

RhodeCode Gist system

A Code Review Tool for Mercurial, Git, and Subversion

A Code Review Tool for Mercurial, Git, and Subversion

Ensure only the highest standard of code gets committed to a project. Code review tools for all repositories allows you to review, approve, or reject commits faster and in common way. Control review feedback by submitting task notes that needs explicit actions before review approval. The review system promotes skill development, and a full project history is available so a thorough evaluation of each project can be carried out. Smart reviewer system can automatically suggest who should review the code based on submitted changes. Adding additional reviewers allows for further flexibility.

Smart Integrations, and Smart Commits

Our flexible integration system with Smart Commits allows to set up integrations with most popular systems such as Redmine, Jira, Slack or Hipchat. Smart commits functionality will automatically update or change status of related tickets on push, server-side merges, pull requests, and code review actions. Easy to use and powerful customizations, including global or per-repository integration, multiple match patterns, or choosing status transition of tickets allows to adapt to any workflow.

Smart Commits

Powerfull Pull Requests

Pull Requests

The pull request functionality takes a two-part approach to the code review with automated QA and manual code reviews. Conduct code review with a help of live notification, code chat, inline notes and todos, and versioning of pull request. Merge/Update pull requests throught API, or Web interface. Merging supports different merge strategies. CI builds can be automated through our integrations. Running your build tests, can propagate feedback back to the pull request, updating review statuses, and enforcing manual code reviews if the code coverage drops, or tests fail.

Custom Workflows and Integration

Customize RhodeCode to fit the workflow of your team. Global settings auto configure new projects and repositories allowing quick setup . Fine grain configuration ensures that individual projects can be fully customized to meet specific automation and integration needs, even down to repository level. One team can use Jira and another Redmine, for example.

Customizable and Plugabble Extensions

Process Enforcement

Shared Best Practices

When you choose RhodeCode, this consolidation of tools brings with it the ability to simply share best practices and workflow standards across a whole development portfolio. Sometimes ad hoc guidelines are not enough to bring direction to large teams. In those circumstances, development leaders can set necessary parameters to ensure standards remain high.