RhodeCode is an enterprise source code management platform. It applies unified user control, permissions, code reviews, and tool integration across Mercurial, Git, and Subversion repositories. Large and growing software teams all over the world use RhodeCode to collaborate in a secure, behind-the-firewall environment.

RhodeCode Community Edition is free and open source, developed in collaboration with the community. It has a rich of set of features for repository management and code collaboration that work across Git, Mercurial, and SVN repositories. It also comes with a set of APIs to create your own extensions and applications based on your existing ecosystem.

RhodeCode Enterprise Edition is purpose-built to meet the needs of the enterprise environment. It adds enterprise-valued features such as common enterprise authentication, breakthrough prevention, and ready-made integration with existing enterprise tools. It also comes with premium technical support and application monitoring.

RhodeCode was Founded in 2010 by Marcin Kuzminski. Initially as OpenSource project it grew with stable user base. It was addopted by the biggest and most secure companies in the World. Our company has offices in Berlin and Silicon Valley; just like our user base, the team is a multi-cultural bunch too.

North America

RhodeCode, Inc.
830 Menlo Avenue - Suite 100
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States


RhodeCode GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 195
10707 Berlin
VAT ID: DE287135098