Enterprise Source Code Management Tailored to Your Industry

Be it Mercurial, Git, or Subversion, developer teams can work more effectively and collaborate faster in the most secure, mission-critical industries. RhodeCode ensures unified repository management and source code security tailored to your needs.

Military & Defense

  • Military-grade code protection
  • Secure collaboration with contractors
  • Automated breakthrough prevention
  • IP-access restrictions


  • Large file handling
  • Top-notch Mercurial support
  • Advanced code reviews for Mercurial


  • Research repository protection
  • Security breach prevention
  • IP- and User access control
  • Nested permission management


  • Unified access control
  • Access logs and security reporting
  • Secure collaboration with contractors
  • Access audit and compliance reporting


  • Unified software development platform for future growth
  • Faster iterations with code reviews and inline chat
  • Post-acquisition integration of source code assets