Why Military Customers Choose RhodeCode

RhodeCode ensures that your code repositories are safe, with source code under protection and access to it securely managed. Be it Mercurial, Git, or Subversion, developer teams are more effective with RhodeCode and collaborate faster in the most secure, mission-critical environments.

Secure Permissions

Prevent leaks of classified information with military-grade permission controls, IP-restrictions, and system-wide user management.

Process Controls

Connect disparate tools and systems with common access-levels. Use powerful APIs to tailor RhodeCode to your secure workflows.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues using built-in code reviews. Trace any code change to a particular person or issue.

RhodeCode Community Edition

Free and open source, behind-the-firewall repository management supported by the community.

Download RhodeCode CE v4.16.2


RhodeCode Enterprise Edition

Community Edition
+ Enterprise features
+ Technical Support with SLA

Download RhodeCode EE v4.16.2

30 Day Trial

Watch our installation video to get quickly started with RhodeCode Control Installer.