Why Game Development Customers Choose RhodeCode

RhodeCode ensures that even the largest graphical assets of your game are carefully stored and versioned, with access securely managed. Be it Mercurial, Git, or Subversion, developer teams are more effective with RhodeCode and collaborate faster in creative, multimedia-rich environments.

Game Asset Support

RhodeCode supports Mercurial's largefile extension for easy storage and maintenence of large binary assets.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues using built-in instant code reviews and in-source live code chat. Use system-wide user management to control access to your assets.

Process Automation

Connect disparate tools and tailor RhodeCode to existing workflows with powerful APIs. Remove routine by using Smart Commits and Continuous Integration.

RhodeCode On-Premise

Installable version of behind-the-firewall RhodeCode. Supports all Linux platforms.
RhodeCode CE Free and open source, supported by the community.
RhodeCode EE with additional Enterprise features and our Technical Support with SLA.

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RhodeCode CloudNEW

Hosted Instance of RhodeCode EE
+ All Enterprise features.
+ Dedicated hardware with SSL and SSH support.
+ Unlimited repository size.
+ Custom domain.
+ Technical Support with SLA.

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