RhodeCode Community Edition

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The links below are for a full-featured instance of RhodeCode Community Edition. RhodeCode CE is free and open source.

Type Platform Docs Download Url
RhodeCode CE Linux (32/64-bit) Installation instructions Linux Installer
Filename: RhodeCode-installer-linux-build20170213_1900
sha256: a61ac514bec4d700bf54cac16f780db4e35b6d8340204d5a8f6b615db136a3ee
RhodeCode Appenlight CE (OVA VM)
Note: For Windows users, we recommend using the virtual machine image.
Windows/Linux Virtual Machine Image
Filename: rhodecode_ae_ubuntu1604_ver2.ova
sha256: e32684d48869638791e5a4bdf08c2d0c27541846224b592e2a14f37afe449382
RhodeCode Tools Linux/Windows Installation instructions CLI Installer
Filename: rhodecode-tools-0.11.0.zip
sha256: a4e557ca4fc0fbfbb9a4b54d010e2e7e3b6bb9f0a88f243be0b40717051b084d

Download Options from our Partners

Our partner software comes from trusted vendors who are working with RhodeCode to enhance the developer experience.

Type Platform Docs Url
Git Tower (Git Client)
Download from our partner fournova
Mac Git Tower FAQ Download GitTower