New Release RhodeCode 4.4: Improved Integrations, UX, and Performance

Published on September 21, 2016, by Dmitrii Konchalenkov

The newest release of RhodeCode 4.4 is here!

We evolve quickly, as more and more people start using RhodeCode (spread the word to help others to get onboard). That also means we need to iterate faster to keep up with the industry needs. As with other major releases, RhodeCode 4.4 has additional performance optimizations, speeding up operations and better handling large repositories.

We’ve made a significant effort towards improving the UI. The built-in source code chat now has a “summon users” functionality to organize live, on-the-spot code reviews. We also improved live notifications, which are especially useful when conducting code reviews.

Many of our users asked for more flexibility when using RhodeCode Integrations. These can now be configured at the Global, Repository Group or Repository level. We have also significantly improved SVN support.

Take a few minutes to update your RhodeCode instance:
rccontrol self-update && rccontrol upgrade '*'

New to RhodeCode? Download the latest RhodeCode 4.4 from our website.
Keep reading for release details.

Last time we introduced a new RhodeCode Integrations framework, an in-between layer that connects your source code with existing infrastructure, tools, and services. In today’s RhodeCode 4.4 release, we add an admin interface to get a quick overview of the integrations available, manage and control them from a single space.

integrations admin interface

We also implemented the ability to define scope for an integration, allowing to set up different integration sets for different repositories within the organization.

Release highlights:

New Features

  • Integrations: added the ability to apply the same set of integrations to multiple repositories or repository groups at once.
  • Pull-requests: the Pull Request Summary page now displays the date of the most recent update for each PR.
  • UI: for hidden comments, a comment display button is now shown next to the line number.
  • Live-chat: added summon reviewers functionality. RhodeCode users who are online can now be invited into a chat for a collaborative code-review.


  • Passwords: users are not allowed to reuse an old password when setting a new one (when using RhodeCode’s built-in password policies).


  • Events: pushed commits are now always sent in correct order.

See the full list of improvements in the release notes.

As usual, the update process is a simple one-liner: type
rccontrol self-update && rccontrol upgrade '*' in the command line interface. Done!

RhodeCode is highly secure, performant, and satisfies business needs of the most demanding enterprises. However, we also pay great attention on how convenient RhodeCode is for its end-users. We started using Web Components and the Polymer framework in RhodeCode’s UI.

Something we are very excited about, web components make the RhodeCode interface more convenient to use, in line with the latest trends and requirements for the modern web apps. More UI improvements will make their appearance in RhodeCode 4.5. Stay tuned!

Performantly yours,
The RhodeCode team.