RhodeCode Appenlight new release under Apache 2.0 License

Published on September 22, 2017, by Marcin Kuzminski

Open Source is in our company core. This is why we're more than happy to announce that RhodeCode Appenlight, our exception, performance monitoring, logging and uptime monitoring tool is now released under the Apache2.0 License.
Appenlight is available as on-premise version delivered with an OVA image, or a hosted version on https://appenlight.com available for free.

We made the decisions that Apache 2.0 would be the best choice for easier, wide adoption in enterprises, as well as the best OpenSource option.
To Download the OVA image please visit our website at https://rhodecode.com the download is available in user dashboard after registration.

Sources are available at Github: https://github.com/Appenlight/appenlight
and of course on our RhodeCode instance at https://code.rhodecode.com/appenlight

Please check all feature of Appenlight at https://getappenlight.com/features.html, and below
take a look at few feature highlights

Main dashboard

Appenlight Custom Dashboard

Exception reports


Slow call analysis

Appenlight Slow Call Analysis

The RhodeCode Team,

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