Our Private Beta Launch

Published on June 21, 2013, by Sebastian Kreutzberger

We are proud to announce the launch of the private beta of RhodeCode as a service (aka Hosted RhodeCode).

In the past few weeks, we were working so hard towards this important milestone and are now happy, but also tired and nervous about the things to come. I want to take this opportunity to share some information and give an outlook of things to come.

So what is RhodeCode?

RhodeCode is the leading open source software for managing source code stored in Git or Mercurial. Today, RhodeCode has a user base (measured by downloads) of more than 150,000 installations and is used by small, medium and some of the largest companies, governments and organizations all around the world.

RhodeCode was started in 2010 by Marcin Kuzminski and quickly became the most popular open source SCM (source control management system) out there. Marcin did an outstanding job together with all the contributors to turn RhodeCode into a software which is so stable, proven and feature-complete that it even fulfills the demands of enterprises and large teams.

During these past 3 years, Marcin got more and more requests from companies which used RhodeCode in production for special services like enterprise support, customizations and consulting. He could barely keep up with all of them. On the other side, it became clear through direct user feedback that especially smaller companies and individuals are really interested in using RhodeCode to manage their source code but could hardly get the installation done or did not want to spend hundreds of Dollars per month on dedicated hardware.

Since the beginning of this year, it became clear that RhodeCode requires a more dedicated approach, so Marcin and I decided to focus full-time on RhodeCode and founded a company to achieve that.

Our main goal is to better support the existing user base and to open RhodeCode to a broader audience. We want to make it super-easy to get started with RhodeCode without the need of any upfront investment. Small teams and individual users should be able to manage their code and files which they stored in Git or Mercurial with a proven and secure open source solution. For this purpose we built the Hosted RhodeCode service which we release today in private beta. It provides each user with a pre-installed, dedicated RhodeCode SCM which you can start using within a few seconds.

We also want to improve the support for the upper end of the market and will release some news about this soon.

Please feel free to post comments here or contact us via email (support@rhodecode.com) or Twitter (@RhodeCode). And of course, please request a beta invite at https://rhodecode.com and try our new service for yourself for free.


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