Side-by-Side Diffs

Published on June 27, 2013, by Sebastian Kreutzberger

Throughout today, we are rolling out an exciting new feature called side-by-side diffs. You can now far better see changes on several positions inside a file and you directly see where lines were added and deleted. Scrolling is synced between both windows and it makes browsing for changes far more visual and context-based. Side-by-side diffs are powered by Mergely and are pure Javascript and HTML5.

And that’s how it looks:

Screenshot side-by-side diff

On the left side you see the old and on the right side you the new version. Red lines were deleted and green were added.

You can access the new side-by-side diff by clicking on the double-window icon while having a diff of a file or revision open. The classic single-window diff stays the default until you send us how much you like the new side-by-side diffs :)

Together with the side-by-side diffs we are rolling out some more improvements and bugfixes, for now exclusively for the hosted version of RhodeCode. The new version is "RhodeCode 1.7.1.hosted.4248" - you see that in the footer of your server.

Please give us feedback about how much you like this new feature. In the next days we are rolling out another update, so stay tuned.


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