RhodeCode Enterprise Released

Published on August 07, 2013, by Sebastian

Today, we are reaching the main milestone for this year: the release of RhodeCode Enterprise.

Since months, we are working on that major update for our popular open source SCM for Git and Mercurial and it marks the beginning of our way to become the leading system to collaboratively work on files inside teams, companies and organizations.

New User Interface

During the last months, we spoke with many loyal RhodeCode users and asked for feedback and most of them told us that not just only developers, but also a lot of project managers, QA people and even lawyers(!) are using RhodeCode to collaboratively work on inhouse files. And everyone said that we need to improve the user interface to make RhodeCode more accessible and easier to use.

With RhodeCode Enterprise we follow that wish and introduce an improved and unified user interface which makes many common workflows clearer and displays data in an easier to grasp way. And that is not the end of our UI improvements, but just the beginning. Internally we already have bold plans about a revolutionary new user interface and we will work towards it during the next 12 months.

RhodeCode Enterprise should be so easy (and fun!) to use that file collaboration and versioning becomes a good standard and not stays a necessary evil in the business world.

Dedicated Support

With RhodeCode Enterprise we are also introducing some features which were frequently asked by companies and organizations. The most important one is dedicated support.

Thousands of companies and organizations are using RhodeCode in teams larger than 20 people under serious production conditions and were until now fully dependent on inhouse expertise to keep RhodeCode on going. That left them fully vulnerable to staff turnover and very old, unmaintained RhodeCode installations which were missing critical updates in terms of security and stability. One of the interviewed users, a huge governmental organization, told us that just 1 hour of downtime of their internal RhodeCode system would cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity. And they said that they already had downtime due to a misconfiguration …

Our new dedicated support offering aims exactly at these kind of scenerios and should prevent or at least quickly fix inhouse outages. Included in the dedicated support is also a general support for any kind of question about installation, configuration and operation of RhodeCode Enterprise most often coming directly from our core developer team. We also actively inform users as part of their dedicated support plan about new updates and critical / security fixes and include customized instructions for a smooth update process in production environments.

Open Source

And one last thing, which is important for us, our fellow contributors AND many of our users: RhodeCode Enterprise is and stays open source. The core of RhodeCode is licensed under GPLv3 while not related assets are licensed under the also very open business source license.

RhodeCode Enterprise can be used at teams up to 20 users without any costs (it’s "free" like in all meanings of the word). If you need more users than we offer you our dedicated support plan for a reasonable price, since with support real costs are involved. These paid support plans also cross-finance our development and help us to turn RhodeCode into something really awesome.

And also good to know, especially for all the universities and open source projects which are currently using RhodeCode: they can get our largest RhodeCode Enterprise package free of charge.

Getting Started

To get started, please head to our new RhodeCode Enterprise page and click the "Download" button. It will open a popup which explains the several ways to download and install RhodeCode Enterprise on your inhouse hardware. Please contact us if you want to know more about the paid plans.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped us in achieving that milestone, we are very touched by your ongoing support. Any feedback is deeply appreciated, please put it here or send us an email.


Sebastian & Marcin