Competitive Upgrade Program

Many of our current customers upgraded to RhodeCode upon realizing that the conventional source code management tools they use do not keep up with their needs and current industry trends. We make the shift to RhodeCode easier by offering a first-year discount on upgrading to RhodeCode EE from other source code management tools.

Today’s businesses require top-notch security for managing source code with convenient user management, reliable access controls, and rich APIs to integrate code management with existing tools.

RhodeCode gives developers modern code review tools, convenient workflows, and efficient team interaction so that they can focus on what they can do best: building outstanding solutions for the organization.

How does the upgrade work?

By switching to RhodeCode EE from any other source code management solution, new customers can claim a one-time 15% off discount on their first year's license fee.

What are the qualified “competitive products”?

Submit a discount form to see if the source code management tools you use qualify for the competitive upgrade.

Who can use this offer?

The offer applies to new, first time customers who are using a competing source code management solution and want to switch to RhodeCode.

Can the discount be combined with the term-based discount?

Yes. The offer can be combined with two and three year contracts, which qualify for a term-based discount. Contact our sales team for more information.

Do we need to prove a purchase of the competitive product?

No. When placing your order with RhodeCode and claiming this competitive upgrade, we only require that you identify the qualified competitive product by name and the number of users (see the discount form).

Is the offer available to resellers?

No. The Competitive Upgrade Program is not available to reseller partners of RhodeCode.