RhodeCode 4.1 Release: Enterprise Edition, Auth-Tokens & Elasticsearch

Published on June 15, 2016, by Dmitrii Konchalenkov

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Today, we are excited to release RhodeCode 4.1 . It is our most recent public release since RhodeCode went open source. RhodeCode 4.1 brings new features, fixes, performance and reliability improvements for users of CE & EE editions. Preceded by weeks of testing and fine-tuning, 4.1 marks the launch of RhodeCode EE, the long-awaited (Enterprise Edition) for corporate customers. New RhodeCode EE is also available as OVA download and can be installed on Windows Server.

Existing users should follow the usual upgrade process or keep reading for more details. New users can get the latest RhodeCode (CE or EE) here.

As you may know, RhodeCode is now open source, offered in two Editions:

  • RhodeCode CE (Community Edition) is free and open source.
  • RhodeCode EE (Enterprise Edition) delivers enterprise-valued tools, integrations & technical support on top of the existing RhodeCode CE features. RhodeCode EE can also be installed on Windows Server (log in to the Customer Portal to download a VM image).

See the newly revamped comparison page for detailed feature comparison.

Release Highlights (RhodeCode 4.1):

  • Search: added syntax highlighting, line numbers and line context
  • Search: added scalable source code search (Elasticsearch) [RhodeCode EE]
  • Security: added Auth-Token based authentication for RhodeCode CE

note: all the Community Edition features are available in RhodeCode EE. See the full list of improvements in the release notes.

Upgrading to RhodeCode 4.1

Existing Customers

Customers with valid RhodeCode Enterprise licenses should follow the usual upgrade process. Your RhodeCode 3.x instance will be automatically upgraded to RhodeCode EE 4.1, with all major UX and performance improvements, as well as the latest security updates. As usual, the update process is a simple one-liner: type
rccontrol self-update && rccontrol upgrade ‘*’
in the command line interface. Done!

Freemium Customers

Universities and authorized non-profits may choose to upgrade to either RhodeCode CE (for free) or RhodeCode EE (for a fee). Please check our web site for discounts for universities and non-profits.

Users With Older RhodeCode

Users of older RhodeCode versions (2.x or 1.x) are strongly advised to upgrade to RhodeCode 4.1 (either CE or EE edition). Both editions contain multiple critical patches to published Git and Mercurial vulnerabilities as well as 4.1-specific features above.

Yours excitedly,
The RhodeCode team.

P.S. Join the discussions on Slack or on the Community Portal. The source code is on code.rhodecode.com (feel free to contribute).

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