RhodeCode 4.2 Release: Improved Performance, Security & User Interface

Published on July 05, 2016, by Dmitrii Konchalenkov

We hope you’re having a productive Tuesday! Our team surely is: RhodeCode just released RhodeCode 4.2 .

Newest RhodeCode 4.2 brings many improvements. Most notable are:

  • Performance (up to 4x performance increase for the large repo owners)
  • Security (e.g., improved AesCipher encryption)
  • UI (e.g., improved pull requests view)
  • Other (numerous fixes and minor improvements)

Take a few minutes and update your RhodeCode instance:
rccontrol self-update && rccontrol upgrade ‘*’ Done!

New to RhodeCode? Download the latest RhodeCode 4.2 (CE or EE) from our website.
Keep reading for details.

RhodeCode 4.2 Release

"Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers"

  • Eric S. Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar

It’s been two weeks since the latest RhodeCode 4.1 release and the Developer Program launch for open source contributors. We received lots of client feedback and help from contributors all over the world which allowed us to streamline the release process greatly while keeping the same level of thorough testing and quality assurance.

Release Highlights:


  • App settings: use computed caches for repository settings, this in some cases brings almost 4x performance increase for large repos with a lot of issue tracker patterns.


  • Encryption: Implemented an improved AesCipher encryption.


  • Pull requests: reordered navigation on repo pull requests.
  • My account: pull requests aggregate view now is now easier to read and gives more information.

    improved pull requests view

  • Social auth: Connect with BitBucket and Connect with GitHub buttons are now easier to reach (on top of the navigation bar)

    social auth buttons on top

Other improvements

  • SVN: Avoid chunked transfer for Subversion that caused checkout issues in some cases.

All the improvements apply both to Community and Enterprise editions of RhodeCode (unless stated otherwise). See the full list of improvements in the release notes.

As usual, the update process is a simple one-liner: type
rccontrol self-update && rccontrol upgrade ‘*’ in the command line interface.

Yours productively,
RhodeCode team.

P.S. Reach the core team on Slack or join discussions on the Community Portal. For those willing to contribute, we created a dedicated section on the website: rhodecode.com/open-source.

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