RhodeCode 5.0.0 release

Published on May 15, 2024, by Kate Kovbii

Hi All,
We are excited to announce the official launch of RhodeCode 5.0.0!
It is one of the most significant releases we've ever made. In it, we fully transitioned to Python 3.11, embracing cutting-edge technologies and futureproofing our solution.

Years of hard work and months of meticulous testing have brought us to this point, where we can offer you an even better experience with RhodeCode. So what exactly changed?

What's new in RhodeCode 5.0.0?

Full Support of Python 3 and Python 3.11

This version ensures compatibility with the latest Python, meaning improvements in speed, security, and access to the newes libraries and features.

Upgraded Dependencies and Security

Upgrading all dependency libraries to their latest versions and removing support for deprecated hgsubversion improved overall security and reliability.

Performance Enhancements

Moving a significant portion of dulwich-based code into libgit2 implementation guarantees better performance and efficient memory use in the system.

Git LFS Support

Ability to push and pull LFS objects when remote sync is enabled, ensuring efficient asset handling without bloating the repository history.

Archive Generation

The new system for caching generated archive files and the ability to set cache size limits ensures resource consumption efficiency.

statsd Metrics Integration

New statsd metrics in various places provide insights into traffic, usage, and other performance metrics, which are crucial for optimizing resources and troubleshooting.

In addition, this version includes multiple performance and stability improvements. You can always check our release notes to see them all.

How to upgrade to RhodeCode 5.0.0?

We strongly advise users of older RhodeCode versions to upgrade to this new one. What's important is that it's only supported via our new Docker rcstack installer or Helm/k8s stack, so:

RhodeCode 5.0.0 also requires a new license for Enterprise Edition instances. To convert your license key, please email us at support@rhodecode.com.

By the way, we can cover all the lifting, shifting, and more for you within our Cloud version of Enterprise Edition. Contact us to get all the details.

What's next?

Driven by our goal to create the world's best platform for enterprise code management, we aimed to improve RhodeCode's existing features and develop new ones. By making this transition to Python 3.11, we fuel growth and have a few product plans we'll share with you soon.

Meanwhile, you can upgrade to RhodeCode 5.0.0 and share your experience via our Feedback form.

Yours performantly,
The RhodeCode team