Enterprise Features

Today’s large, complex, organizations are requiring a
unique combination of security & flexibility to introduce modern, agile productivity.


  • Scalable Permission System
  • Compliance & Policies
  • Authentication
  • Private Cloud & Recovery
  • Military-grade Deployments


  • Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Unified Web Interface
  • Flexible Workflows & Plugins
  • Cross-platform Installation
  • SDK, DevOps & Scalability


  • Source Code Management
  • Code Collaboration
  • Code Review & Approval
  • Pull Requests 3.0
  • Gists 3.0


Scalable Permission System

  • Runs on-premise, behind-the-firewall
  • Granular IP restrictions for users & user groups
  • Hierarchical Permission Delegation for infinitely inherited, multi-tier permissions
  • Fine Granular permission system for every asset (user, user group, repository, and repository group)

Compliance & Policies

  • Compliance & Audit Logs
  • Code Freeze functionality
  • Set & enforce default security policies
  • Fulfills requirements of defense and banking sector


  • Auto-expiring Authentication Tokens for secure, temporary sharing
  • Support for all major enterprise authentication methods, including LDAP, LDAP Groups and & Active Directory
  • Option to build your own custom authentication plugins

Private Cloud, Data Center Rollout & Recovery

  • Support for Windows Server, Linux & Solaris
  • Backup & restore of all settings & permissions
  • Atomic upgrades and rollbacks of the system & nodes
  • Native, built-in high scalability support
  • High-Availability setups for zero down-time
  • Private Cloud, multi-node & multi-regional data center setups

Military-Grade Deployments

  • No home-calling
  • Offline installation support
  • Support for all Linux distros, Unix and Solaris
  • Built-in support for super secure, military-grade networks
  • Running for many years in production inside many large-scale, super-secure setups at gov’s, high-tech, labs, defense, and banks
  • 24/7 enterprise support, including integration, training & security audits


Multiple Version Control Systems (VCS)

  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion / SVN
  • Run all 3 version control systems in parallel on repository level
  • Native support of major protocols, methodologies & best practices

Unified Web Interface

  • Full-featured File & Repository Browser
  • Complete abstraction layer for all concepts with unified user interface
  • Accessible from any mobile and desktop device, no desktop client needed

Flexible Workflows

  • Create multiple forks of a repository
  • Workflow automation to 3rd party applications (“Smart Commits”)
  • Flexible pull request system including voting
  • Custom code review workflows


  • Slack
  • Jenkins
  • Redmine
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Atlassian Hipchat
  • contact us for more plugins
  • powerful, extendable Plugin SDK

Cross-Platform Installation

  • Windows XP and newer
  • Windows Server 2003 and newer
  • All Linux distributions, including micro & commercial distros
  • Solaris 10 and newer

Multiple Database Systems

  • PostgreSQL 9 and newer
  • MySQL / MariaDB 5 and newer
  • SQLite for small setups
  • Cluster-ready for larger, multi-node setups

SDK & DevOps Support

  • Automation & integration through JSON-RPC API
  • Programmable extensions for customization and new workflows
  • Powerful, extendable hook system for integration into existing workflows
  • Build-your-own-plugin system for fully customizable integration
  • Fully customizable user interface (CSS, permissions, elements)
  • Programmable extensions for header and footer sections
  • Branded user interface & whitelabel option possible


  • Easy scaling from a single test node to 100s of nodes
  • Native, built-in high scalability setup support
  • Private Cloud, multi-node & multi-regional data center setups
  • Distributed high performance transactions, requests & workers across multiple nodes
  • In production at setups of 100,000s of repositories, 1,000s of users and 100s of TB of data


Source Code Management

  • Online text editor with syntax highlighting
  • Repository & branch change log
  • Repository & branching log visualization
  • File browser with intuitive download & upload
  • Full text search including all assets and file content
  • Creation of multiple forks
  • Branching interface & operations
  • unified interface for Git, Mercurial & Subversion

Team Communication & Code Collaboration

  • In-line code commenting
  • Granular commenting on several layers
  • Mentioning of other users and user groups
  • extendable in-app notification system

Code Review & Code Approval

  • Side-by-side diff and unified diff code review
  • Commit-based & commit range-based code review workflows
  • Code approval status indicators & commenting
  • API-based code approval status for automated CI workflows
  • Flexible code review and code approval workflows
  • Integration of RhodeCode Pull Requests 3.0

Pull Requests 3.0

  • The world’s most powerful and flexible pull request system
  • Innovative consent system with voting by multiple reviewers (QA, team lead, etc.)
  • Intuitive server-side / web UI merging with merge or rebase method
  • Built-in conflict detection

Gists 3.0

  • Intuitive interface for secure note sharing
  • Powerful Markdown & RST rendering engine
  • New ACL system including private, log-in required and anonymous
  • Gist lifetime expiration

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