Vulnerabilities in both Mercurial and Git, on the client-side, have been identified which could allow an attacker to compromise user security on both Mac and Windows file systems. In git, according to the git-blame blog, the issue is that you could potentially commit and checkout to any permutation of .GIT/<anything>, except .git/<anything>, and end up… Continue Reading

Nothing is perfect. It is an impossible word to realize, and like foresight it simply does not exist. Forethought on the other hand does exist, but unfortunately few people put enough effort into thinking ahead. When aiming to deliver software, improve products, and make a business take off, the battle between unattainable perfection and getting… Continue Reading

DevOps, as discussed in last weeks blog, brings a number of benefits to software firms that need to quickly get their coded goose to market, so to speak. Most of these are tangible benefits, while some are unquantifiable advantages that certainly help deliver the goods. I’m going to run through 5 benefits here today; two… Continue Reading

DevOps is a word that has been creeping into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) lingo of late, and it’s not one readily understood. Much like some new meme you missed when making coffee and upon your return are left wondering if everyone around you is speaking the same language, or fully compos mentis, it… Continue Reading