AppEnlight Application Performance Monitoring is Now Open Source

Published on June 30, 2016, by Dmitrii Konchalenkov

Today, RhodeCode open sources AppEnlight, our product for application performance management and monitoring. AppEnlight provides advanced application monitoring by combining error handling, event tracking, and log aggregation. It is also highly performant. AppEnlight handles applications that serve thousands of requests per second and correlates modifications made with the changes in application performance. We were unable to find these capabilities among existing solutions.

RhodeCode products are used by the world’s largest companies, where the performance of applications plays a critical role. Enterprises require a platform that provides a detailed system view, while being highly performant and extensible. We liked AppEnlight so much, we ended up acquiring the whole company!

With Marcin Lulek joining the RhodeCode team, the acquisition turned to be a great success. We believe that any firm with large-scale applications, should be able to effortlessly monitor their performance. That is why, starting today, we release AppEnlight open source, with the source code available under the AGPLv3 license.

The performance of a firm’s applications is not something one takes lightly. That’s particularly true for critical business applications, where a slight change in response time can have a major impact on the way people work.

AppEnlight provides comprehensive application performance management. The platform monitors the real-time availability and uptime for your apps, handles errors and exceptions, and sends automated alerts when action is needed. Best of all, every single call is an API call which can be integrated into your existing workflows to manage application performance in an actionable way.

Up until recently, AppEnlight has been available only as a SaaS service at It will continue to be offered as a SaaS service, as we realize the convenience of using a cloud-based service for our clients.

Starting today, AppEnlight CE (Community Edition) is free and open source, licensed under the terms of AGPLv3. Anybody can now download the VM image to use AppEnlight on their own servers.

Those willing to contribute are more than welcome to access the source code at There’s also an AppEnlight section in our community discussions. Want a quick chat? Drop us a line in the #appenlight channel on Slack.

Yours performantly,
RhodeCode team.

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